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The hinterland of Romagna is famous for offering its visitors tourist itineraries rich in history and traditions. Among castles, villages and festivals, there is always an opportunity to be surrounded  by the marvels that only a place dominated by a secular medieval tradition is able to offer. By staying at our hotel, you will have the opportunity to discover the beautiful landscapes of the Romagna region, enjoying a unique atmosphere in its kind. For those who enjoy to have fun, the alternative to the charm of the hinterland are surely the many theme parks in the area.

san_mauro_mare_hotel_paglierani_storiaSan Mauro Pascoli

Let’s start our review on the most beautiful places of the Romagna hinterland with San Mauro Pascoli, native land of the great poet Giovanni Pascoli. Absolutely to visit are: Casa Pascoli (which houses all the objects of the poet), the Mausoleum of the Pascoli family (where are buried the members of the family), The Tower, the Chapel of Our Lady of Water and the Roman Furnaces.



san_leo-300x169San Leo

A few Kilometers from Riccione stands the hamlet of  San Leo, known as Montefeltro. You can access the center of the village by a single road carved in the rocks. There you can visit the Fort which hosted Dante, St. Francis of Assisi and where was imprisoned the Count Cagliostro until his death.


san_marinoSan Marino

A key stop on our tour in the Romagna hinterland should undoubtedly be San Marino, the independent republic located in the heart of our country. San Marino offers visitors  fascinating museums like the Wax Museum, the Reptilarium and the Museum of sports cars from Maranello. You will moreover have the chance to admire its green and unspoiled views, such as those from the Acquaviva Castle.



Amor che nullo amato amar perdona: the famous verse of Dante’s Divine Comedy about the tormented love story between Paolo Malatesta and Francesca da Rimini. And it was just the castle of Gradara to host Paolo’s young wife. If you are fond of history and literature, you will surely enjoy visiting the castle that, apart from all the history that goes with it, still has the decor of the time. Equally fascinating is the hamlet of Gradara that in July livens up recalling the assault on the castle that took place back in 1446.



Talking of Medieval charm, Mondaino is one of the most passionate hamlets of the Romagna hinterland, famous for the funny and colorful festivities that take place during the Palio del Daino: 4 days full of games, events and stalls that will accompany you in a time travel into the Middle Ages.


torriana_montebello_riminiTorriana e Montebello

When it comes to evocative landscapes and magnificent constructions, one cannot but emphasize the beauty of the Torriana and Montebello castles that, facing one another, seem to face each other in a battle still in time. And to stay on the topic of Dante’s stories, it was just in the Torriana castle that Gianciotto, Francesca’s husband, was killed by his own nephews.



One of the most charming medieval towns of Romagna: Santarcangelo is a particularly vivid village, able to communicate to tourists the essence of Romagna, with its narrow streets and the fortified village, great pride of the town. One of the most attractive reasons to visit Santarcangelo is undoubtedly Mount Jupiter, rich in unexplored tunnels and caverns that were often used for mysterious religious rituals.




We choose to close our review on the hamlets of the Romagna’s hinterland with Verucchio, where medieval life is branded on the remainders of its fabulous and ancient villages. Touring orange flag, Verucchio is a necessary step for anyone who wants to enjoy an atmosphere made of Medieval reminiscences, but also of  ancient cultures, such as the Etruscan one. The advice is to visit the Castle, one of the Malatesta’s Medieval fortresses  that best has been preserved to this day, from where you can admire the whole country.


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